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Hello, we are Cozy Indoor.

Here we write about home heating, cooling, and air quality. Everything from air conditioners, humidifiers, house fans, diffusers, and everything in between is covered on this site.

Our approach is simple. Making your home comfortable should be easy and fantastic. It should be well-written and fun and give you the correct information without bombarding you with jargon and pointless stats.

Why the Name "Cozy Indoor?"

The name cozy indoor comes from two words. 'Cozy', which means comfortable, and 'indoor', which means inside. Here at Cozy Indoor, we strive to provide helpful tips and guides to make your home comfy and feel homey.

Our team comprises different people who occasionally contribute to the site. Here you'll find DIYers and experts in various fields.

Looking for reliable information about making your home comfortable online should be easy. However, most sites today need to be more precise and bombarded by advertisements and dubious lingo.

Here at Cozy Indoor, we'll change all this by offering easy-to-read reviews and buyer guides across various gadgets and topics.

Meet The Team

Behind the scenes, a lot of hard work goes into making this website. What was a solo project has grown into a team of passionate creators worldwide. Together, we strive to produce quality content for you every day.

Samuel N

Samuel N

Founder and CEO
Katie Keenan

Katie Keenan

Editor In Chief
Jason Holland

Jason Holland

Senior Writer

How We Make Money

At, most of our revenue comes from display ads. Ads are placed in a way that will not interfere with your usage of the site in any way. Apart from ads, we also earn from affiliate links placed throughout the site when we recommend a product we have tested, used, and loved (more on below). The primary mission of monetizing the site is not making a profit but covering overhead costs like website hosting and paying writers who make this possible.

When Do We Use Affiliate Links?

If we post an affiliate link to a product, it is something that we have used, tested, supported, and would recommend without an affiliate link. Unless noted contrarily, any product we link to is one we have tried ourselves.

We do not accept free products for review and disclose if we are affiliated with a company in any other way that helps us financially.

Many bloggers accept complimentary products for review or write sponsored posts. While we don't find anything wrong with this (as long as the nature of the relationship is unveiled correctly), it is our policy to purchase products and use them myself before promoting or linking to them. We are often offered free products to review and refuse them.

Our priority is always providing resources to help you create positive changes in your life. We will only link to products or resources (affiliate or otherwise) that fit this purpose.

Nature of Affiliate Relationships

Please note that while we review and use every product we link to, these products are from third-party companies. Unless otherwise disclosed, we do not control these companies or have a commercial interest other than an affiliate relationship.

For this reason, we cannot ensure that any item purchased through a link on is shipped on time, packaged properly, or that you will like it. For concerns about a product purchased through a link, address the matter to the relevant company.