Can You Put Albuterol In a Humidifier? Solved!

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Humidifiers are the best when it comes to improving the humidity level of your home. Albuterol is usually administered using a metered dose inhaler, inhaled with a nebulizer, or taken as a pill or liquid.

Apart from these methods, can you put Albuterol in a humidifier? In this post, I talk more about this and the proper ways you can take Albuterol. Enjoy.


Albuterol Aerosol

What Can I Put in My Humidifier?

The only thing that should go into your humidifier is distilled water or demineralized water.

How to Take Albuterol Correctly

1. Use a Nebulizer

Albuterol can be administered using a nebulizer. A nebulizer works like a humidifier but is used to change liquid medicine to aerosol. A nebulizer also comes with a mouthpiece or face mask, and a person breathes the mist produced through it.

Child Using Nebulizer

Child Using Nebulizer – Source

Different types of nebulizers include jet nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizers, and mesh nebulizers. According to Viatris, you can use albuterol in a nebulizer for adults and children older than two years. A doctor will prescribe the correct dosage and how frequently to use the medication.

2. Use an Inhaler

An inhaler, also known as a puffer, is a medical device used to deliver medicine through a person’s mouth into the lungs through a person’s breath. Inhalers are preferred because they make it easier and faster to deliver a drug to a specific body region. They also reduce some of the side effects of taking medicine orally.


Albuterol Inhaler

Inhalers are effective for treatments of asthma or COPD, like salbutamol, albuterol, corticosteroids, and salmeterol. There are different types of inhalers; they all serve other purposes and require different techniques. If you use an inhaler, clean it periodically to avoid blockage due to medication buildup.

Apart from using a nebulizer or inhaler, you can also take albuterol orally. However, we recommend you use this medicine as directed by your doctor. Read and follow the instructions provided and ask your doctor any questions.


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