Can You Drink Water from a Dehumidifier? + Alternative Uses

Dehumidifiers work by drawing in humid air and passing out dry air. In the process, dehumidifiers collect water, which can be stored in a removable tank or drained outside.

The amount of water collected by a dehumidifier depends on the humidity level in your home and the dehumidifier capacity.

In a humid home, a dehumidifier will collect more water, while a bigger capacity dehumidifier will also collect more water.

Water collected from a dehumidifier is usually sparkling clean. If you’re collecting a lot of water, you might be tempted to fill up a glass and drink it. However, is dehumidifier water safe to drink?


Can You Drink Water from a Dehumidifier?

While it may look clean and completely safe to drink, do not drink dehumidifier water. A dehumidifier uses coils that help condense water vapor, which then drips into a tank. While dehumidifier water is free from impurities and minerals, the coils and tank create a hospitable medium for the growth of bacteria and mold.


Apart from containing mold and bacteria, dehumidifier water can have lead and other heavy metals from the parts of a dehumidifier.

Is Dehumidifier Water Distilled?

The word distill is derived from ‘distillen,’ which means to flow or fall in droplets. In the process of making distilled water, liquid water is reclaimed from water vapor through condensation. Dehumidifier water can be classified as distilled water because of its process.


First, hot, humid air is sucked into the dehumidifier using a fan. Inside the dehumidifier, the air is passed through a series of cold coils, condensing the air’s moisture. As more moisture condenses, it drips into the dehumidifier reservoir or drains outside.

The process of dehumidifying air creates distilled water. However, impurities, such as mold and bacteria, are added as the water accumulates in the coils or the tank.

How to Make Dehumidifier Water Drinkable

To make dehumidifier water drinkable, you can treat or purify it using several methods. Below are two ways you can use to make dehumidifier water safe to drink.

1. Boil the Water

Boiling dehumidifier water is the easiest way of making it safe to drink. The boiling process kills harmful pathogens, mold, and bacteria in the water.


However, boiling does not remove heavy minerals that might seep into the water as it dehumidifies. Therefore, boiling will not do the trick if your dehumidifier releases heavy metals.

2. Distil Dehumidifier Water

Distilling dehumidifier water is the best way of making it drinkable. Distillation involves first boiling the water to steam. The steam vapor is then passed through cold tubes and condenses back to the water, which is now distilled. There are different ways you can distill dehumidifier water. Check out our guide on how to make distilled water.

Using Dehumidifier Water for Plants


Dehumidifier water may not be safe for people, but for plants, the water is safe. You can water grass, indoor plants, and your outdoor garden. However, because dehumidifier water can contain traces of heavy metals like lead, don’t use it on plants you’re growing to eat.

Other Uses of Dehumidifier Water

  1. Cleaning Home & Car
  2. Use in a Steam Iron
  3. Fill Your Car’s Radiator
  4. Use to flush toilets
  5. Do laundry