How to Keep Your Home Roach-Free – Effective strategies

Are you dealing with pests or roaches? If so, don’t panic, as there’s always an effective solution one can take (and you’re not the only person having to deal with this issue).

Cockroaches are more than just an annoying presence in the home; they can contaminate food, spread diseases, and trigger allergies and asthma for a lot of kids and elderly people. This is why you should ensure your home is free of roaches, especially if you have children. Aside from cleaning, we will share some other tips and tricks you can utilize to have a better and safer space. Here’s how to approach this issue.

How to Keep Your Home Roach-Free – Top 7 Effective Strategies

1. Clean everything the right way


Cleanliness is essential for deterring roaches and for having a happy and healthy home. These pests are drawn to food and water, so eliminating everything and anything before going to bed is crucial. You need to have weekly touch-ups around the house and clean up any type of spills immediately. Don’t make a mess by hoarding food, or spilling sugar or sugary drinks around the counter. Also, don’t keep any food residue around the house, and make sure you store your food in airtight containers. Take out the trash at least once a day and you’ll be on a path to a clean and roach-free home.

2. Get rid of moisture

Did you know roaches need water to survive? That means you need to minimize moisture around the house and repair any type of leaks, faulty pipes, or faucets. This especially applies to the bathroom and kitchen area. Moisture will only lead to bacteria growth and infections, as well as yeast. You can invest in a humidifier and place it around some rooms in your home, such as the attic or the basement since these rooms are often poorly ventilated. Humidifiers aren’t that pricey, and they will better the quality of your lifestyle for you and your household.

3. Watch out for cracks in your walls and doors


Have you seen cracks or gaps around your house? These are way more common than you might think. Once you do spot them, use caulk to seal cracks in walls, around windows, and doors. Pay close attention to areas around pipes and utility lines. After you’re done with that, consider placing some traps nearby. These traps can control and effectively terminate roaches. Place roach bait stations in areas where roaches are frequently seen, such as behind appliances and under sinks.

4. Create a natural repellent

You can enjoy a quick and easy DIY solution and prepare a natural repellent that can deter roaches without using harsh chemicals. This should be your initial step before purchasing heavy-duty stuff. Here are some ideas to consider and mix together:

  1. A) Mix borax and sugar – make sure you mix equal parts and sprinkle the mixture in areas where roaches are active. The sugar attracts the roaches, and the borax kills them.
  2. B) Go for peppermint oil or eucalyptus oils and mix a couple of drops with water and spray around the most common infected areas. They are quite harsh and can irritate most pests or bugs.

5. Try real chemicals if all fails


If you didn’t enjoy the quick and easy DIY method you can opt for chemicals. These can be both in most stores or online. Some options to consider are:

  • IGRS – also known as insect growth regulators
  • Pest control – call a professional exterminator since they know how to approach every case and give you the best results

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6. Inspect your house regularly

You should inspect your house or your flat on a regular basis.

Regular inspections can help catch infestations early before they become severe. This means checking under the sink, in the bathroom, attic, basement, and especially in every dark corner. Double-check everything and remember persistence is key in achieving a long-lasting result, as well as a roach-free home! Also, the less clutter you have and the more often you declutter, the better the outcome.

PS: Try and store items in plastic bins with tight-fitting lids (applies to your clothes, accessories, stuff in the attic, etc). This is a better solution than in cardboard boxes, which can also attract roaches.

7. Don’t forget to clean your yard


Regular yard maintenance will fix a lot of your problems. If you have a big yard or a garden, you need to clean it up regularly, as well as do proper maintenance. Follow these guidelines:

  • Keep shrubs and trees trimmed at all times
  • Make sure the shrubs and trees are far from the house to reduce hiding places and access points for roaches
  • When watering the plants or the grass inspect the ground
  • Remove leaf litter and wood piles
  • Water the ground regularly but don’t overdo it
  • Educate your household and people living with you about a proper approach so they don’t make setbacks
  • Don’t plant too many flowers until you do your inspection

Having said all of that

And there you have it! A practical, easy-to-follow, and helpful guide on how to get rid of roaches. By maintaining cleanliness and reducing moisture (for starters), you will be on a good path to a roach-free home! If you can’t effectively manage your problem with the DIY solution or the cleaning, make sure you call a trained and specialized team that will manage infestations for you. With the right approach, a little bit of patience, and the right upkeep, you will ensure your house is free of annoying roaches. Good luck!