13 Ways Cool Down a Room Without Windows

By Samuel-N •  Updated: 06/17/22 •  6 min read

Being in a room with no window at times becomes unpleasant. Being in a room with no windows on a hot summer day. Cooling a room with no windows can sound impossible, but I am here to tell you it is doable.

Below are some comprehensive ways to cool down a room without a window. While some of these methods recommend using air conditioners, others include DIY plans that might surprise you.

Use a Ventless Air Conditioner

If your room has no window, a great choice you have at your disposal is to use a portable indoor air conditioner, which is called a “Ventless air conditioner.”

An indoor air conditioner is similar to a standing fan, but it offers a much cooler experience using the evaporation laws. When using the machine, water or ice is added t a tank, and the device transforms it into a cold mist of air, which cools off the room.

Try a Floor Fan With Ice

Another method you can use to cool down a room with no window is creating a DIY version of a portable evaporation cooler by using a floor fan and adding some ice.

To do this, you must fill a large bowl with ice and place it directly in front of the floor fan. On the other end, the fan pushes the coldness emitted from the ice around the room, helping the room cool despite not having any windows.

Before air conditioners were invented, this was the method that was being used, and it worked.

Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner

If you have used a window air conditioner before, you already know how a through-the-wall air conditioner functions.

The only difference between a window air conditioner and a through-the-wall air conditioner is that the wall air conditioner does not require a window to be installed.

Through the wall, air conditioner installation is done on the wall directly. Nonetheless, the wall needs to lead to the outside of the house so that the air conditioner can be vented properly.

If the room without a window borders the outdoors, one may want to consider installing one of these appliances to cool down the space permanently.

Use a Portable Air Conditioner Unit

Portable air conditioners are like a wall air conditioner unit, but they don’t require permanent installation in a wall.

Usually, these machines are freestanding units, including a hose connected to the window to vent out hot air. But with a room with no windows, one does not have that luxury.

Luckily, with portable air conditioners, you can vent the hot air in various ways, for example, through the ceiling, into another room, or to the exterior through the wall unit.

Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

A ductless air conditioner consists of an indoor unit, usually mounted on the wall or ceiling, and an exterior condenser to power the entire system. It is also not hard to install.

After the mounting has been done, all that’s required is a 3-inch hole in the walls to run the connecting pipe between the external and internal units.

Turn off incandescent lights in the room
If your room has incandescent light and you want to cool it down, you might want to switch them off. 90% of the energy these lights emit is emitted as heat, which we are trying to get rid of in a room without windows.

One should consider replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs because they don’t waste much energy and emit way less heat.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

The benefit of ceiling fans is that they help move the air around the room, preventing hot air from settling in one spot.

One can use them and another air conditioner to prevent the device from being overworked to prevent them from overworking.

Try The Two Fan Trick To Cool

This method is usually used to cool down a room with no window by strategically placing two fans in the same room.

To carry out this method, make sure o place one fan at an angle towards the ceiling, and the other is blowing toward the door.

Hot air is less dense and usually rises to the ceiling; that way, the fan angled out towards the roof will help circulate the hot air while the other fan will be pushing the hot air out through the door cooling the room.

Turn Off Appliances in the room
Most appliances usually generate a lot of heat when they are in use, creating hot air in that room, yet this is the problem we are trying to solve, especially with no windows.

While a single appliance may not raise the temperature in a room that much, having more than one machine in use will lead to rising temperatures in that room because of the heat emitted by these appliances.

Suppose you can switch off appliances whenever you are not using them or exiting the room. Turn off the room’s lights when you leave or again when not in use. Switching off lights will help to cool down a room without windows and lower the energy bills, and who wouldn’t like that.

Keep Doors Closed in a Room

Although this may sound ridiculous and counter-intuitive, keeping the doors shut to another area of your house may be the right thing you need to keep off the heat from entering your space. Always remember where there is light, there is heat.

When doors to other spaces in your house are opened, light can get into the house’s surrounding areas, which can increase your room’s temperature levels. Therefore to temperatures in a room rising, make sure you shut the doors in your home.

Focus on Your Internal Temperature

You can also use this method whereby instead of concentrating too much on lowering the temperatures externally, you can try to cool down and lower your internal body temperatures.

The simple way to do this is by taking a cold shower if you are in the confines of your room. This will immediately cool your body down and help you feel rejuvenated.

You can also try drinking cold beverages and wearing light clothes that don’t absorb too much heat.

Turn your Bathroom Fan On

This trick will only work if your windowless room borders the bathroom. You can turn on the bathroom fan and open the door if it does. The bathroom fan pulls hot air out of the room while the cool air is getting released simultaneously. Using this method, your room temperature will cool down, and the air will circulate.

Plant Bushes on the Outside of the Home

You can plant bushes along the wall directly outside the windowless room. This method prevents the sun from penetrating a house’s walls, insulating the home from excess heat. With bushes blocking the sun rays from hitting the bare walls, your exterior won’t absorb much food, keeping the room cool.


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